Monday, September 3, 2012

Till Death Do Us Part

What a perfect night, and a beautiful wedding. <3
Last night was the wedding of my boyfriend's father. It was actually  the first time I have ever attended a wedding ceremony, and it was amazing. Everything was beautiful.


Also, is having an awesome promotion, spend over 50$ and get an amazing gift ~ 

The promotion starts Sep. 5th and ends the 15th! So hurry and check it out :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012

DSW + Disney = A Dream Come True

     Haven't we all watched a Disney movie at some point of our lives, and wish we were the princess with the happily ever after? Well, with DSW's new evening and wedding line called "The Glass Slipper Collection" we can be ever more closer to having that dream come true. Hitting stores October 1st to celebrate, for the first time, the release of "Cinderella Diamond Edition" available in blu-ray. This collaboration emphasizes on the classic charm and beauty of Cinderella combined with today's footwear fashion. The line is five fabulously whimsical styles perfect for any girl or even bride. It's the perfect solution for the die-hard romantics and fashion-savvy shoe lovers!  
     Shoes in the limited edition collection are adorned with a carriage logo as well as having a signature blue jewel on the sole. These heels are not just a fashion-statement but can be a beautiful collectors item as well. The prices vary from $59.95 to $89.95. The Glass Slipper Collection will tap into the princess in every girls heart, whether they want to look glamorous at a special event, or really feel like a Disney princess on their big night. 

Who's your favorite Disney princess?


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