Friday, November 9, 2012

Expression: AKM month fashion show 2012

      I apologize for being a ghost and wandering on and off the face of the earth, it's just been superrrr busy for me. Well here was a fashion show a while ago for University of Florida's Asian Kaleidoscope Month.  And sorry for the crappy photos, I just got a new camera (YAY) but I have yet to learn its modes (-.-).
   Here's a little blurb about the show: 
"Expression - (noun/ik-spresh-uhn/):
1. An indication of feeling, spirit, character, etc., as on the face, in the voice, or in artistic execution.
2. A manifestation of an emotion, feeling, etc, without words:

In this year’s AKM Fashion Show, our main goal for our audience to become inspired, to find their personal way of expressing themselves, and for them to illuminate their passion and creativity, whether it be in fashion or art. We will be showcasing many different pieces from talented Asian American designers all around the nation as well as a meet and greet social at the end of the show so that the audience will have the opportunity to connect with the fashion designers to learn their insight on the fashion industry. This year’s show will surely be one of a kind with up and coming fashion designers and performers sharing their love and passion to the University of Florida and Gainesville Community!:



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