Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY: high-waisted shorts!

   So here is a quick DIY high-waisted shorts I did the other day and some pictures of the outcome when I wore it out today! This DIY is supeeeer easy and it just takes finding the right fitting mom jeans. All you need are a pair of mom jeans, scissors, good fitting shorts (as a guide), and a needle and thread! 
   I've been roaming about trying to find the perfect fitting high waisted jeans for this DIY for centuries. Finally, my prayers have been answered this weekend as my friend Mo and I went on a thrifting spree. As we stepped into the Salvation Army, he ran straight for the VHSs' and I, dived straight into the rack of jeans. And to the fortuitous circumstances beheld , I found these pair of LEE jeans for only $2.50! So I scurried my little behind home, snatched a pair of scissors and started cutting right away. 
    Here are some good tips for finding the right kind of jeans:
          1. The jeans should NOT be stretchy, it is best when it is stiff   and rigid, and falls right in place.
          2. They should fit just perfectly, not too tight at the waist so that you can't breathe with a snugly fit at the thighs.
          3. The high-waisted part should reach above or just on your belly button, if it's below, then it's not high-waisted.

Here are some step by step instructions:

STEP 1: Grab a pair of scissors, and a ruler (if you like).
 STEP 2: Take out a pair of shorts in which you like the fit and use it as a guide to show how short the new shorts will be. Align them at the crotch area. You can use a ruler and trace them as a guide for the cutting.
STEP 3: Cut straight across.
STEP 4: The outcome should look like this. I cut them giving a lot of space from the crotch area because I wanted to cuff them and for them not to be toooo short.

STEP 5: Roll up the hem to a cuff that you like the most.

STEP 6: Sew the cuff in place so that when you wash it or wear it, it does not its change shape.

Well after the long 4 day weekend, my best friends and I decided to go out for a little fun and bubble tea today :). And I was able to wear my awesome new DIY shorts since the weather was nice and warm~




  1. Wow, lucky to snag a pair of Lees for $2.50! The final product looks great..I should get my little behind to the thrift store haha

  2. Veru beautiful shorts!!! Great DIY!

    Have a beautiful week,


  3. Thanks for the comment and follow!!! Of course I follow back!!! So now following you both on GFc and Bloglovin!!!

    Ps. Please take a minute and follow back also on Bloglovin, I'll appreciate!!! xoxo

  4. These came out perfect! I love them. I'll have to try and find a pair of pants to do this with next time I go thrifting.

    <3 Melissa

  5. I love DIY jeans shorts and these are really cool!

  6. The result is really amazing, great job!
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  7. Hey i just visited your blog, it's pretty awesome.Great ideas, i've seen a lot of bloggers cutting out ol clothes an make them wearable again but i'm just scared that i'll be ruining just the clothe.i LOOVE your sense of style.You are cute and pretty . You make everything look so easy by mixing them up .Well, you absolutely have a new follower. I invite you to know my blog. I'd love to get your visit since i need views and followers. So if you can and have time please visit or even follow,I'd be grateful. Thank you in advance :)


    Don't Know How To Name It

  8. They look amazing, and it's sooo simple! Wow!


  9. These shorts looks so good! You cut them well and style them brilliantly! xx

  10. great blog - cute idea!
    what about following each other? visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!
    kisses jess

  11. amazing tutorial the result is amazing!

  12. These turned out super cute! I don't think I could live without my denim cutoffs. I wish I could wear them all year but it's getting a little too chilly here in Canada. Where do you live? x


  13. wow this DIY is amazing, must try it out since i never wear jeans or trousers haha

    hope you'll visit back!

  14. I love how you look with yellow

  15. They look great! Nice idea. :)


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